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Princess Maja von Hohenzollern Presents ‘Vegan Royal Kids’ Children’s Furniture Collection

October 12, 2021
From Vegconomist

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern Presents ‘Vegan Royal Kids’ Children’s Furniture Collection – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • October 12, 2021


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    Designer has launched the “Royal Kids Collection” of children’s furniture exclusively for the leading furniture manufacturer The collection is the first PETA approved children’s furniture collection on the market. The range is unisex grey, with all furniture fronts upholstered in velour velvet, and is described as bringing a ” warm feel for well-being.”

    The Princess, a vegan for many years, is an animal rights activist and designs her collections for children’s toys, furniture, Royal Household, bathroom accessories, and carpets to be free from animal suffering. For her design achievements, the Princess was awarded the “Designer of the year 2020” Powerhouse Global Award and received the “Asia Design Award Gold”/Shanghai as the best designer in Asia.


    Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern in der Truhe ihrer veganen Royal Kids Collection m
    Princess Maj von Hohenzollern, image supplied

    Speaking in last December, she explained why her designs are considered unique: “In my products I combine modern design with ethics and a good price-performance ratio. Authenticity is most important to me, as a vegan lifestyle brand. People know that I design all products myself, that I bring in innovative product ideas and that I have been a vegan myself for many years. My collections always have a story, emotions, my own design signature and a clear unique selling point. These are important success factors for sales.”

    Vegan interior design is a growing category with several emerging designers seeing success and increased demand globally. There is even a newly launched taking place this month November 2021, featuring over 30 global speakers, panel discussions, virtual exhibitors, and networking sessions regarding this new and important space.

    Maja Prinzessin von Hohenzollern mit ihrer neuen Royal Kids Collection m BAK1_5244
    Princess Maj von Hohenzollern, image supplied

    “Bringing vegan products to the market in the furniture and interior sector still means drilling very thick boards,” says Princess Maja von Hohenzollern. “Many manufacturers but also traders are not aware that there are animal ingredients in adhesives, fats, oils, acids etc. that are based on the torture and commercial exploitation of animals.”

    The will be available in international furniture retailers and online from the end of 2021. 

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