May 24, 2021
From Vegan Society

Pregnancy and parenting are exciting and pivotal times in anyone’s life, but they can be daunting, especially if you’re a new parent, or a vegan parent for the first time. Luckily though, there’s time to prepare and our trusted Vegan Trademark is here to help make shopping for your vegan parenting needs much simpler.

Whether you’re impatient with excitement or feeling a little apprehensive and clueless, we hope our starter guide of vegan products will make things easier and more enjoyable for you. Everything is registered with the Vegan Trademark and therefore suitable for vegan parents and your new arrival!

Looking after you

You’re in for a wild ride full of changes and new experiences, so making dedicated time for your own rest and wellbeing as you will for your newborn can support the transition to parenthood.

Self Care

The Natural Birthing Company have lots of useful products in their Pregnancy, Birth and New Mum ranges which have been developed by midwives and aromatherapists to safely support you through the journey from bump to baby.

Pregnancy hormones can sometimes leave you feeling a bit queasy and delicate at the slightest things. The Natural Birthing Company created their Best Washes shower gel with this in mind. It’s gently scented and refreshing, and can be used throughout pregnancy and beyond.

They also do kits to help with a variety of your needs such as their Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit and the award-winning Birthing Essentials Kit. Both include useful products for your care and recovery such as massage oils, a sleep spray, a cooling spray to help cope with the stress of labour, products to help relieve soreness after childbirth or a caesarean section, and breastfeeding oils.

Pop them in your hospital bag or, if you’re a friend, colleague or family member of parents-to-be, these would make great gifts!

Nessa’s Crowning Glory is a multi-tasking goddess for your hair and scalp and can help reduce hair loss during and after pregnancy. They also have a Vagina Victory Oil for relief from discomforts caused by pregnancy and childbirth and is suitable for pre and post-natal perineal massages.

Stretch Marks

We think stretch marks are beautiful! If they are something you personally would like to smooth out, or would like some products to help relieve the itchiness that comes with earning your tiger stripes, you could try:

Pai Skincare’s Gemini 2-Step Stretchmark System consisting of the Gemini Cream and Gemini Oil.

Natural Birthing Company’s Nourish & Relieve Massage and Stretch Mark Oil.

Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Scrub, Oil and Butters.

Nessa’s Scar Saviour for stretch marks and c-section scar recovery.

Mum & You’s Easy Tiger Stretch Mark Fighter Gel and Tummy Time Firming and Toning Gel.

Postpartum Bleeding

Bleeding is the last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re looking after a newborn. WUKA Period Pants are a hassle-free, sustainable and comfortable option for postpartum bleeding. They can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time and are leak-free, so you have more time to spend with your baby.

WUKA recommend their Ultimate High Waist Heavy Flow Pants which are particularly popular for postpartum bleeding and sit above where you may be recovering from a c-section. Their new Ultimate Boxer Shorts are also recommended for sleeping in, with a gusset that sits high at the front and the back – one less thing to worry about when you’re up in the early hours doing night feeds!

Feeding your baby

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization) for the first six months of your baby’s life. However, it can be tricky and is something that takes time to get the hang of.

Remember to be gentle with yourself and try products that could help make things a little easier if you are choosing or able to breastfeed, including:

Mama Mio’s Keep Calm Nipple Balm.

Mum & You’s Hands Off Nipple Saviour Spray.

Nessa’s Nipple SOS balm.

Natural Birthing Company’s Bosom Buddies trio of oils for common breastfeeding problems.

If you would like guidance on breastfeeding as a vegan or what to do if this is not an option for you personally, The Vegan Society’s qualified dietitians have put together some useful information here.

Baby Body Care

From nappies to bath time, here are just a few suggestions for you to stock up on before baby arrives:

Nappy Changes

Dealing with soiled nappies is probably never going to be one of the perks of parenthood. However, at least you’ll know these vegan alternatives will be kinder to animals, even if the person on nappy duty feels hard done by!

Beaming Baby’s Biodegradable Nappies in six sizes.

For baby-friendly wipes, check out The Cheeky Panda’s Bamboo Baby Wipes and Mum & You’s Biodegradable Baby Wipes.  

Contrary to popular opinion, being a baby is hard work. Exploring a new world, all that sleeping, being fussed over, feeding through the night and soiling yourself on the regular with the latter commonly leading to a sore bottom. Your baby will (unlikely) thank you for the relief from said ailment with Organii’s Protective Nappy Cream, Beaming Baby’s Organic Lavender Nappy Cream or Child’s Farm’s Unfragranced Nappy Cream.

To dispose of these strangely scented surprises left for you in your baby’s nappy, there’s Beaming Baby’s Biodegradable Nappy Sacks made from corn.

For sanitising when you’re out and about, Bentley Organic have a Mother & Baby Hand Sanitizer.

Bath Time

Bath time can provide wonderful moments to bond and play with your baby. Here are some products that are not only kinder to animals, but to your baby’s delicate hair and body too:

Green People’s two in one Baby Wash & Shampoo in Lavender or Scent Free.

ASDA’s Little Angels range includes lots of bath time essentials including their Bedtime Bath, Head to Toe Wash in gently scented and unscented, Baby Lotion, Baby Oil and Baby Powder.

Bentley Organic do a mild Baby Wash suitable for hair and body, a Baby Oil and Baby Lotion.


Cleaning your baby and cleaning up after them is about to take up a LOT of your time.

Our Vegan Trademark holder, Nimble, do a full collection of essentials that are not only suitable for vegans but also safe and effective for cleaning your baby’s clothes, bottles and toys. The range includes a laundry detergent, softener, cloth nappy detergent, bottle cleaner and an antibacterial spray cleaner. They’re all available at

We hope you found our round-up useful – of course, it’s just a starter guide. If you need more detailed information on pregnancy and breastfeeding as a vegan, don’t forget to check out the guidance from our registered dietitians here, and be sure to always consult your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns.

By Vegan Society Brand Marketing Officer, Nishat Rahman.