June 22, 2023
From Farm Sanctuary

1. Voter initiatives (also known as ballot measures, voter referendums, etc.) allow citizens to enact new laws, amend state constitutions, and repeal existing laws while bypassing the normal legislative process. Any citizen or organization can gather a predetermined number of signatures to place a measure on a ballot, enabling citizens to vote on that measure in a future election.
2. Current animal-centered voter initiatives include: Oregon Initiative Petition IP3 (removes many exemptions from Oregon’s animal cruelty laws against animal abuse, neglect, and sexual assault); Protect Michigan Pet (creates an animal abuse registry of convicted animal abusers and address ownership rights of those convicted of animal abuse); Akron, Ohio initiative (update animal control procedures and create annual, independent review of animal care).
3. A regulation is a set of requirements issued by a federal/state governmental agency (e.g. the USDA, California’s Dept. of Food & Agriculture, etc.) to implement laws passed by the federal/state legislature.

Source: Farmsanctuary.org