September 14, 2023
From One Great Vegan

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If you’re looking for Fall festive recipes that feature pumpkin, these Pumpkin Curry Tostadas are perfect! Tasty chunks of butternut squash or pumpkin snuggling up in a rich, creamy chickpea curry, all stacked on super crunchy corn tortillas. But hold on, there’s a twist! I’m adding zesty Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Feta and a spicy jalapeño sauce for an extra flavor blast. Top it all off with fresh pomegranate seeds, and you’ve got a power-packed, crispy, and savory delight that’s all about autumn awesomeness. Get ready for a taste explosion with this fall feast!

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COURSE: Main, Dinner
CUISINE: Mexican, Indian, Caribbean Fusion

  • Calories 413g
  • Protein 12g
  • Dietary Fiber 10g

Why You Will Love These Pumpkin Curry Tostadas:

You’ll totally fall in love with this recipe for several awesome reasons! First off, it’s like a cozy hug from autumn with those delicious squash or pumpkin chunks snuggled in a curry blanket on crispy tortillas – a flavor explosion, for sure. And guess what? We’re cranking up the color with a tangy Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Feta and a spicy jalapeño Veganaise sauce that takes it to flavor paradise. Plus, topping it all off with fresh pomegranate seeds adds a burst of juicy fun. So, why will you adore this recipe? It’s simple – it’s a power-packed, crunchy, and savory celebration of everything awesome about fall!

About the Ingredients:

Let’s chat about these superstar ingredients! You’ve got the cozy butternut squash or pumpkin chunks, which mingle with a rich curry with a dash of spices, like curry powder and turmeric. The creamy coconut milk adds a tropical twist and hearty thickness. But here’s the kicker: tangy Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Feta and a spicy jalapeño Veganaise sauce are game-changers. Plus, fresh pomegranate seeds add a juicy surprise. All this deliciousness gets piled onto crispy corn tortillas, creating a flavor explosion you won’t want to miss!

Cinnamon Sticks

These aromatic cinnamon sticks are like little wands of flavor magic in our Pumpkin Curry Tostadas. When we lightly pan fry them, they infuse the dish with a warm, cozy aroma that’s perfect for fall. They’ll make you feel like you’re wrapped in a cinnamon-scented hug while savoring this delightful dish!

Cinnamon sticks are like healing helpers for your body. They can help control your blood sugar, which is like helping your body manage its energy better. Plus, they might give your brain a little boost, keeping you sharp and satisfied.

Cubed Butternut Squash or Pumpkin

Our recipe calls for these delightful chunks of butternut squash or pumpkin, and they’re the heart and soul of our Tostadas. They add a comforting, slightly sweet flavor and a lovely, tender texture to the dish. It’s like taking a bite of autumn awesomeness with every mouthful!

These colorful bites are like vitamins in a tasty package. They have vitamins that make your skin glow and help you stay strong. They also have nutrients that help your tummy digest well!

Pumpkin Purée

This creamy pumpkin purée is the secret ingredient that gives our curry its rich, velvety texture and that unmistakable pumpkin flavor. It’s the essence of fall in every spoonful, making you want to cozy up and savor the season!

This creamy pumpkin purée isn’t just yummy; it has essential nutrients called antioxidants that help keep your body healthy by protecting it from disease. Plans are so healing and tasty!

Cooked Chickpeas

These little legumes are like tiny powerhouses of protein in our Tostadas. They add a hearty, nutty flavor and a satisfying bite to the dish. Plus, they’re a great source of plant-based goodness, making this recipe not only delicious but nutritious too!

These cheerful chickpeas are like mini protein powerhouses. They help your muscles and give you energy. They also have fiber that keeps your tummy happy!

Follow Your Heart Vegenaise

Say hello to our creamy, dairy-free best friend! Follow Your Heart Vegenaise brings that tangy, mayo-like goodness to our jalapeño sauce. It’s the perfect balance to the spicy kick and a must-have for a creamy, dreamy flavor experience. Say goodbye to boring sauces!

The Vegenaise in our recipe is a dairy-free hero. It’s kinder to your heart because it’s low in cholesterol, and it can even help lower your saturated fat intake. This promotes a heart-healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Questions and Tips:

What equipment can I make this recipe in?

You don’t need anything fancy! A large pot for cooking the curry, an oven for toasting the tortillas, and a blender for the jalapeño sauce will do the trick. Keep it simple and have fun cooking!

Are the extra toppings necessary?

While the extra toppings like pomegranate seeds and Follow Your Heart Feta are super tasty and add a special touch, you can totally customize this dish! Try alternatives like diced avocado, shredded lettuce, or a sprinkle of chopped nuts or minced bell peppers for a different twist on your Tostadas.

What else can I serve with this Pumpkin Curry Tostadas?

These Tostadas are awesome on their own, but you can make it a meal with some fresh sides. A simple salad with lemon vinaigrette or a side of steamed veggies would complement the flavors perfectly. It’s all about your taste buds’ preferences! I love to serve these Tostadas with Stuffing, Sushi, and Cucumber Salad.

How long does this recipe last?

You can store any leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3-5days. Make sure to keep the ingredients in separate containers and since the tortillas might lose some of their crispiness, toast them before you serve. but the flavors will still be fantastic when reheated!

Will non-vegans like this?

Absolutely! This dish is so full of flavor that even non-vegans will find it incredibly satisfying. The creamy curry, crunchy tortillas, and a burst of unique spicy toppings are a crowd-pleaser for everyone, no matter their dietary preferences. Get ready for some happy taste buds at your table!

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