September 10, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Quick and easy vegan meals can also be tasty, and our quick and easy miso vegan stir-fry uses miso paste to enhance it with an umami flavour.  Miso is a fermented paste rich in essential minerals.  In our recipe, it is used to deepen the flavour of vegan stir fry.

We’ve also used peppers, cabbage, carrot, chilli, onions and soya beans for our quick and easy miso vegan stir-fry, but you can take away or add other vegetables depending on what’s seasonal and what you and your household enjoy.

You can try using baby corn, green beans and broccoli. The umami flavour created by the miso paste works well with all these. 

To serve the vegan stir-fry, you can choose between noodles and rice, as you want something to accompany our quick and easy ginger and miso vegan stir-fry that will absorb the yummy umami sauce.