September 9, 2021
From The Vegan Kind

New research found that nearly half (41%) of families in the UK currently follow a meat-free flexitarian diet. 65% of families have been trying vegetarian and vegan meals in the last 12 months.

The study of 2,000 British families was commissioned by meat alternative brand Quorn. According to the study, British families are now trying to eat at least two meat-free meals in a week. More than a half (51%) said they would consider going entirely vegetarian if it helped the environment.

The data suggest that one million families are currently following a vegan or vegetarian diet – with 43% claiming their children follow a meat-free diet.

60% of parents think that we need to change what we eat in the future to help the environment. While 42% of parents also say they share meat-free recipes with friends to encourage them to consume more environmentally friendly food.

The families whose meals regularly include meat claim their top reasons for this is that their child or children are fussy eaters and they find it easier to make meals more filling when including meat.

Quorn wants to encourage families to consider trying more meat-free meals options. The brand has just launches special meat-free dinosaur nuggets for kids. 

The Roarsomes dinosaur nuggets are dino-liciously crispy and tasty, high in protein and fibre and low in saturated fat. They are made with mycoprotein, wheat, potato protein, pea protein. They contain calcium, iron, niacin & thiamine. Perfect for a healthy vegan dinner served with mash, broccolis and peas. 

To advertise the new product Quorn has unveiled a giant  billboard including a 3-metre T-Rex dinosaur ‘Roary’ that will be encouraging kids to try the UK’s first vegan dinosaur nuggets.

Gill Riley, Marketing Director at Quorn, said: “I think every parent can relate when it comes to trying to inject some fun into mealtimes. With Quorn Roarsomes, not only will dinner time be fun for kids, but it means families can also play their part in helping our planet by swapping meat for a delicious and sustainable meat-free dinosaur treat.

“We cannot wait to see the reactions to our ‘Roar-some’ new addition to the Quorn family.”