November 1, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Raspberry Neapolitan Cake

This vegan Neapolitan cake recipe is an epic cake to eat, with three different layers and two kinds of filling.

This vegan cake takes time to make, but with three layers of cake in chocolate, vanilla and raspberry flavours and chocolate and raspberry cream fillings, it will blow you away.

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Each layer of the vegan cake recipe has a distinctive flavour to enjoy, just like Neapolitan ice cream. And yes, it is just as fun to eat as it looks!

Our vegan Neapolitan cake recipe is about your favourite flavours combined in one tasty vegan baking recipe. 

The pink layer combines beetroot and raspberries for natural sweetness that enhances the berries, the vanilla layer uses vanilla extract, and the chocolate layer combines chocolate and vanilla.

On top of that, or rather between that, you have two appetising fillings to sandwich the cake together. The raspberry filling has fresh raspberries and freeze-dried raspberries, so you are going to taste the raspberry, and then you also have the chocolate filling.  

When you layer this vegan cake, it is epic both flavour wise and aesthetically. The question is, do you eat your Neapolitan flavours separately or together? 

Cook’s tip!

Each layer of this vegan cake should be baked separately so that the baking powder is still active when it goes into the oven. If your cake shows any signs of sagging in the middle, pile in some extra raspberries to hold it up!