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Romanian Brand To Launch Frozen Vegan Range In UK

August 2, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

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Verdino Foods, a popular plant-based brand from Romania, tease product releases on their UK Instagram page.

The brand currently sells fresh and frozen pea protein-based meat alternatives in Romania that include sausage varieties, burgers and deli slices.

Packing of vegan sausage

Image: instagram

The products produced by Verdino foods currently are meat and dairy-free as well as free from GMO’s and soy.

Verdino foods UK Instagram account currently has posts counting down from 5 which feature a pizza, merguez sausage, breakfast sausage, and a burger suggested for the UK market so far.

The Pizza shown is a 350g pepperoni with spicy vegan salami and the image also shows mushroom, chilli and vegan cheese topping.

The featured sausages are a North African-style spicy vegan sausage and a classic British-style sausage.

The Burger patties are labelled as juicy and tasty and ready to fry or grill.

There is no information yet on a launch date or if these will be stocked in-store however the social media posts suggest they will be available on the company website at when this launches during the month.

You can follow the launch updates on instagram at or follow them on Facebook at




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