November 8, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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A Sainsbury’s boss has revealed concerns about the sugar and fat content in vegan meat alternatives.

The comments came at the UN Climate Change Conference, aka COP26, an event where global leaders agree on targets to help mitigate global warming.

Here, chief marketing officer Mark Given reportedly said: “We do worry about some of the salt and fat content in some of the alternatives that are out there.”

Vegan products at Sainsbury’s

As a result, the supermarket chain is working to ensure plant-based offerings are “healthy,” according to Given. Despite this, they didn’t outline exactly how.

“You have to look at where some of the plant-based solutions come from around the world in terms of what that footprint is,” Given added.

Moreover, you have to “be really careful” about “trade-offs,” says Given, because of the added salt and fat in vegan options.

Plant Pioneers

The supermarket giant launched its vegan range back in 2019. And since then, the Plant Pioneers offerings have gone from strength to strength.

For example, Sainsbury’s added over 20 products to the line-up earlier this year, including No Egg Bites and No Pork Belly Bao Buns.

Other offerings include tinned jackfruit and banana blossom and its famous Shroomdogs.

You can shop the Plant Pioneers range here