November 8, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Are Vegan foods too high in fat? Sainsbury’s boss thinks so!

Sainsbury’s Chief of Marketing officer, Mark Given,  expressed his concern over vegan alternatives’ fat and salt content whilst speaking at a COP26 event in Glasgow last week.

Given said, ‘We do worry about some of the salt and fat content in some of the alternatives that are out there‘.

Sainsbury’s Butcher’s choice British Pork Sausage contains 15.3g of fat per two sausages whilst the Plant Pioneers Cumberland Shroomdogs have just 4g of fat per 2 sausages.

Should the company be concerned over plant-based products with meat having such a higher fat content?

Sainsbury’s and sustainability

On Sainsbury’s website in 2018, the company commented that ‘as part of our 20×20 Sustainability Plan we have committed that by 2020 our own brand products will not contribute to global deforestation.

Now, after Partnering with WFF. Along with other major supermarkets, Sainsbury’s has committed to collectively cutting the store’s impact on nature in half by 2030.

WFF  said, ‘We recognise that a future without nature is a future without food. By 2030 we need to halt the loss of nature.’ With meat production accounting for 60%  of food-related greenhouse gas emissions, does the problem lie within sustainably sourced materials for Sainsbury’s own-brand products?