October 22, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers launch a supermarket first with its new vegan salmon fillets.

Plant Pioneers No Salmon Fillet is just one of the tasty vegan fish products released for the brand’s expansions.

Those looking to cut down their fish consumption can also tuck into Plant Pioneers No Chuna and No Fish Cakes.

Moreover, Sainsbury’s hope its Plant Pioneer product expansion will attract more people to go plant-based to save our oceans.

Vegan Salmon at Sainsbury’s

Plant Pioneers No Salmon Fillet (£4.00) truly are the first of its kind!

Made from a blend of jackfruit and king oyster mushrooms, these fillets flake and look like the real deal.

A layer of seaweed is added for that fish-like flavour and is an extra source of omega 3!

Additionally, Sainsbury’s vegan range has launched its first plant-based tuna.

The No Chuna cans (£1 each) are available in four flavours, including Lemon & Black Pepper, and Chilli & Garlic.

We think these will be perfect in sandwiches or salads.

Vegan fish lovers can also tuck into Plant Pioneer’s No Fish Cakes (£3.25 for 2).

The melt-in-the-middle treats are made from a blend of jackfruit, oyster mushroom and potato, and filled with a vegan parsley sauce. Yum!

Easy vegan weekday meals have never been tastier!

Vegan Christmas range

This year, Sainsbury’s has pulled out all of the stops for its vegan Christmas range.

The UK supermarket has ensured there is something for everyone this festive season, and even made it easier for non-vegans to try something new.

Highlight’s from the range include a vegan cheese selection, No Prawn Tempura, and even a No Gammon with Maple Glaze.

Thanks to Sainsbury’s, it’s looking like a Merry vegan Christmas after all!

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Image supplied by Sainsbury’s, artwork created by Vegan Food & Living. Do not share without permission.

Source: Veganfoodandliving.com