September 13, 2021

WHEN: Saturday, November 13, 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT


WHERE: Streaming online from the comfort of your home!

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A minimum donation of $100 is required to attend. Please visit to register now for this virtual fundraising event or contact Melanie Veach at [email protected] or 323-210-2245.

Remember when people thought Ringling Bros. circus would always be forcing elephants into boxcars and making them perform? That’s history now! Remember when Coca-Cola conducted tests on animals, the only nondairy milk you could get was powdered, advertising agencies frequently used chimpanzees in commercials, and Ralph Lauren sold fur, mohair, and angora? That’s all history now, too. And the list of longstanding practices and industries that are next in line to go because of our work is equally impressive. Together, we can and will achieve even more—much more.

Please note: No graphic images of any kind will be shown during this event.