June 28, 2023
From Vegconomist

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Since its launch in November 2022, Blue Horizon’s Job Board and Talent Network has rapidly gained traction, establishing itself as a dynamic ecosystem that connects forward-thinking companies with exceptional talent across the sustainable food space. With over 200 opportunities from 82 companies and more than 185 talents as of this June, the platform has become the largest in the industry, showcasing Blue Horizon’s commitment to driving the future of sustainable food. 

From plant-based product development to regenerative agriculture, alternative proteins, and circular economy solutions, the Job Board presents a wide range of career opportunities within the food industry. Among the 200 listings, the most sought-after roles are technical positions requiring a scientific or engineering background.

Solutions for global challenges

Blue Horizon Director Robert Boer discussed this striking trend in an interview for Protein Production Technology’s International edition back in February, and this trend has continued until now. This emphasis on technical expertise highlights the industry’s current need for innovation, research, and scalable solutions to address the global challenges associated with food production and consumption.

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The Talent Network boasts an incredible diversity of applicants in terms of geography, career stage, previous employers, and expertise. All five continents are represented in our talent pool, with the most applicants from the United States. The applicants average about 9 years of professional experience, illustrating how recent graduates and professionals with careers spanning over 40 years share a vision to transform the food system.

The breadth of expertise within the talent network reflects the multidisciplinary skills required to accelerate progress within the food industry. Students and recent graduates from Cornell, Stanford, and Cambridge (especially from their Alternative Protein Society) make up the youngest in the pool, with skillsets in food science, research, operations, process engineering, policy, and finance. The majority of talent with more established careers come from companies already in the food industry or from companies focused on sustainability, such as Nestle, Schouten Food, Foodanza, Unmeat, Finless Foods, EIT Food, CHKN not Chicken, etc.


Even among talents with experience in the food industry, there is a range of expertise, from founders and CEOs to sustainability strategists, global marketing heads, faculty lecturers, and specialists in plant-based protein. Blue Horizon’s ecosystem has facilitated connections between diverse talent and companies seeking unique skillsets, resulting in numerous applications and exciting prospects.

An emphasis on purpose

When exploring the motivations behind joining the network and applying to available listings, a common thread emerges. Talents consistently place a strong emphasis on purpose, recognizing the food system as the arena where they can maximize impact and value through their careers. This sentiment resonates strongly across talents transitioning from other career paths as well as those who have dedicated most of their professional lives to companies such as Nestle, Restaurant Brands International, and Hungry Planet.

For instance, one talent expresses a deep passion for creative storytelling and the potential to reshape our perspectives on food consumption given her experience as Senior Vice President at a media agency. She highlights the importance of effective communication and the power of marketing in driving positive shifts in consumer behavior and food choices.

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One director of Planning & Operations at a US consumer goods and food delivery company gravitated towards Blue Horizon’s Job Board because she seeks a company at the forefront of reimagining a better food system and agricultural landscape while attracting equally passionate talent. Similarly, a director of Business Development in the packaging industry discussed her goal to actively support the adoption of plant-based diets, emphasizing the significance of aligning personal values with her professional expertise in product management to effect change in the sustainable food industry.

Mission-aligning careers

Another venture partner at a plant-based VC in the talent network cited his family’s background in food production as the driving force behind his decision to shift his career towards impact investments in the food sector. Furthermore, another talent’s exposure to sustainability challenges during her time in luxury retail fuels her passion to work for biotechnology companies dedicated to developing sustainable materials for fashion and other sectors. Collectively, these narratives underscore the growing trend of professionals seeking to align their careers with innovative and purpose-driven organizations leading the charge in reimagining a better food system.

With its global reach and incredible talent pool, Blue Horizon’s initiative to create the Job Board and Talent Network stands as a testament to the growing momentum of the sustainable food movement. As the number of talents and companies within the network continues to expand, so does the potential for uniting diverse talents, forging connections, and propelling the sustainable food industry forward.

Blue Horizon Jobs Board – https://jobs.bluehorizon.com/jobs

Blue Horizon Talent Network – https://jobs.bluehorizon.com/talent-network/login

Source: Vegconomist.com