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Sponsored Post Sufficient nutritional profile by adding creatine: The new generation of meat substitutes contains Creapure.

September 20, 2021
From Vegconomist

Sponsored Post Sufficient nutritional profile by adding creatine: The new generation of meat substitutes contains Creapure®. – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • September 20, 2021


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    A well-balanced diet while eating plant-based can be easy by choosing plant-based substitutes that are enriched with essential nutrients. Meat substitutes with added creatine, which occurs naturally in meat, offer a clear advantage: An optimal creatine supply to support the energy metabolism – in an innovative way: For health, performance and vitality.
    In this context, ® is the first choice: High-quality creatine monohydrate made in Germany and most available to the body.

    Creatine is a natural component in animal products: Primarily in meat and fish, but also in traces in dairy products. In contrast, plant foods do not contain any creatine.
    Individuals who consume little or no creatine, especially vegans and vegetarians, have lower creatine levels compared to omnivores. To counteract a creatine deficit and guarantee a healthy energy metabolism, dietary creatine intake is essential for this group.

    Creatine monohydrate is the best exogenous source of creatine for the body and is very suitable for food fortification.
    In the future, Creapure®-enriched meat substitutes will be a practical way for vegans and vegetarians to get a sufficient supply of creatine.
    Already today, it is clear that the new generation of plant-based meat alternatives contains Creapure® and offers vegans and vegetarians the completed nutritional profile of meat while eating plant-based.

    Ingredients for a nutrient-rich plant-based burger © Creapure®

    About Creapure®:

    • premium creatine monohydrate made in Germany
    • high level of quality due to continually monitored manufacturing and analytical controls
    • IFS FOOD certified
    • free of any animal based products/raw materials and vegetarian and vegan friendly

    For more information: Verena Löber, Business Development Manager

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