November 11, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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Animal advocates are once again blasting Starbucks for its plant milk surge charge. Protestors are synchronized to gather outside one of the chain’s Florida outlets, organized by PETA.

Starbucks protest

From tomorrow morning and throughout the week, protestors will be pitched outside the 796 Fifth Avenue brand in Naples.

Here, they will encourage customers to “shun” the change. And they’re doing it by offering free Nitro Cold Brew Oat Milk Mochas from the company RISE Brewing Co.

The coffees were donated by the brand in a bid to encourage the chain to rid the $0.95 surge charge.

In a statement, PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman said: “Starbucks is counting its beans when it should be counting the number of customers it will lose if it doesn’t end the vegan milk upcharge soon.

“People who want to drink responsibly for the sake of animals or their own health or because they know that dairy farming is fueling the climate crisis are angry with the company for placing profits above ethics.”

Plant milk surge charge

It comes a year after Starbucks‘ CEO Kevin Johnson said he planned to “push customers towards” vegan options.

In a statement, he added that plant milks are a “big part of the solution in terms of the climate crisis.

But PETA insists that the company isn’t doing enough. And as a result, it promises further “hijackings” in Loveland, Omaha, Cincinnati, among other cities.

You can sign PETA’s petition to end the vegan milk charge here