September 27, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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Sustainable fashion designer Stella McCartney is unveiling its Winter 2021 line: with slow fashion at the center, in collaboration with three ‘next generation’ artists.

Moreover, the youth-inspired line utilizes vegan fashion including fur-free fur materials and includes a new Adidas sneaker design.

Stella McCartney collection

The Stella Shared 3 range is created with sustainable materials, such as recycled nylon and organic cotton.

It also features the ‘first-ever’ vegan iteration of Adidas’ classic sneakers, made with recycled polyester and bio-based renewable materials. It’ll be the third remixed style of the sneaker, since launching the Stan Smith in 2018.

Other vegan shoes in the range include the Reclypse, made from regenerated nylon sourced from consumer waste, such as carpets and fishing nets.

The Stella McCartney Reclypse sneakers Credit: Supplied

Among the artists in the collaboration is slow fashion designer Ed Curtis, who is based in South London.

Additionally, there is Tom Tosseyn who shares environmental values with the fashion company. For example, on one of Tosseyn’s pieces is the slogan ‘restoring the balance’. The last fashion designer in the collection is Maisie Broome, aka Myfawnwy. From Queens, New York, Myfawnwy is celebrated for her hand-marbled prints over painted suns and flowers.

Curtis’ spray-painted Stella design is featured on the collection’s vegan logo bags and fur-free totes.

Sustainable fashion

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Stella McCartney said: “For my McCartney A to Z Manifesto, I shared my platform with next-gen artists who interpreted our values through their visions. 

“Stella Shared 3 continues this spirit of collaboration today.

“Remixing indisputably Stella pieces with prints by incredible talents of tomorrow – collectively advancing by sharing our respective skills, resources, and communities.”

The collection launches on Monday, October 11.