October 27, 2021
From VegOut Magazine

Most of us remember what it was like to snack on Nutella and toast as a kid, and the discovery that Nutella is not vegan was a devastating blow. Luckily, many brands are beginning to try their hand at a vegan version of the beloved hazelnut spread, and Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp’s brand TBH is the latest company to launch a vegan Nutella.

To Be Honest … It’s Pretty Sustainable

TBH stands for To Be Honest, and its mission is to be just that: an honest snacking company that’s transparent and economically conscious with its ingredients. Schnapp—who plays Will Byers on the popular Netflix show Stranger Things—teamed up with Umana Venture Studios a couple of years ago to create a healthier version of his favorite hazelnut spread after discovering that palm oil (one of Nutella’s main ingredients) plays a major role in deforestation.

The fully vegan cocoa hazelnut spread from TBH is made without palm oil, contains more protein and hazelnut than Nutella, and contains significantly less sugar. The cocoa used in the product is UTZ-certified to ensure that it’s ethical and environmentally conscious at each step of the process.

To round out the sustainability measures of the brand, TBH comes in a jar made of recycled materials and a box that helps plant 20 times more trees than it takes to create!


Where to Buy Vegan Nutella

The cocoa hazelnut spread from TBH will officially launch on November 1 at SnackTBH.com. The brand will also be available at select Showfields locations throughout New York City and Miami. After the initial launch, look for the brand in major retailers in 2022.

TBH has plans to release more environmentally friendly and health-conscious snacking products in the future, so visit their website or give them a follow on Instagram at @snacktbh for more information.

Source: Vegoutmag.com