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Switzerland: Alt Protein Leaders Join Forces to Form the Swiss Protein Association

September 16, 2021
From Vegconomist

Switzerland: Alt Protein Leaders Join Forces to Form the Swiss Protein Association – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • September 16, 2021


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    The leading alt protein companies in Switzerland have come together to found The Swiss Protein Association (SPA). With its four founding members being , Kündig Group, Migros Industrie, and , the SPA will act as a lobbying group for the alt protein movement in Switzerland. 

    The SPA is aiming to raise awareness among politicians, industry leaders, and consumers of the potential benefits of alternative protein sources for a climate-friendly and sustainable diet. With headquarters in Bern, the association defines alternative protein sources as proteins and protein-rich products, such as meat and dairy products, that are not derived from conventional animal sources but are intended to contribute to a sustainable, healthy, and accessible diet. 

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    Committed to promoting high-quality and competitive production of alternative protein sources along the entire value chain, from cultivation to end product, and to creating advantageous framework conditions in Switzerland, the association sees itself as a contact and exchange platform in the rapidly growing industry. The news follows the launch of , a cellular agriculture business accelerator in Zurich, which also has on board. 

    “The livestock industry contributes significantly to climate change, accounting for 13% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. At the same time, it has an important social, cultural and economic significance in Switzerland. With the association, we are committed to working with strong partners to drive the inevitable change towards more alternative protein sources in the most sustainable and holistic way possible,” explained Judith Wemmer, Executive Committee Member, AG.

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