November 16, 2021

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Single Vision in Melrose, Florida, has just one thing in its sights: cub exploitation. This roadside zoo uses bear and big-cat cubs in cruel public encounters, which means that sensitive and vulnerable cubs who would normally spend years by their nurturing mother’s side are ripped away from her after just weeks, days, or sometimes hours of birth.

photo of lion cub in cage

This roadside zoo has claimed that it received cubs, including the jaguar and lions pictured here, from Tiger King villain and convicted felon Mario Tabraue, who operates Zoological Wildlife Foundation, another cruel cub-petting operation.

photo of jaguar

Jaguars naturally live near wetlands in the tropical rainforests of South America and are powerful swimmers who can navigate through rivers and hunt aquatic prey animals. At Single Vision, they and other big cats are kept in small, barren cages whose disrepair has resulted in repeated citations by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Denying these animals the opportunity to fulfil their innate desires is a form of speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview.

Please urge Single Vision to end its cruel public encounters and send the animals to reputable facilities where they could live in vast, lush habitats and get the care that they deserve.