March 20, 2023
From Animal Alliance Of Canada

Today, we have an urgent update to share. It’s about our recent exposé of the Department of National Defence’s cruel and unethical use of piglets for “live tissue training” by the military.

In January, a bombshell front-page feature in the Toronto Star highlighted the Animal Alliance and the Animal Protection Party of Canada’s research. The research detailed how piglets are used in military trauma training. This research was compiled from years of Access to Information requests, documenting the cruelty of these procedures on hundreds and hundreds of pigs, as well as the expense, and the inapplicability of these live animal models to injuries sustained by human soldiers in the field.

We know that this story has struck a strong chord with most Canadians.

Our work has caught the attention of MP Lindsay Mathyssen, the NDP National Defence critic. Together with Ms Mathyssen, we’ve launched a government petition, calling on the Minister of National Defence to “end the use of animals in military trauma training. We’re asking for animals to be replaced with more advanced, human-relevant and less expensive human patient simulators.

This is where you come in. Please sign Petition e-4330. Join us in urging the Minister of National Defence, the Honourable Anita Anand, to put an end to these cruel and dangerous practices of her Department.

We have just 120 days to collect as many signatures as possible. Five hundred signatures guarantees that our petition will be read out in the House of Commons. Once this happens the government is required to respond within 45 days. So, it’s imperative that we have your help! Petition e-4330 is open to all Canadian citizens and residents. Please act today.

To sign, simply click the pink button on or go directly to the Petition by clicking on this link:

You will receive an email to validate your identity. Please click on the link in that email to complete the signing process. And please, share our e-petition widely!

Thank you for all you do for animals—especially at this moment. Your signature on this government petition can make a real difference to end “live tissue training” in the Canadian military, once and for all.