December 10, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Vegan dog food reaches shelves in Tesco after a rise in people feeding their pooches a vegan diet.

Tesco has launched some vegan-friendly treats for pets this year. So your furry friends will not be left out at the Christmas table or when you open up some festive treats.

A demand for Vegan dog food has increased after more people decide to feed their dogs on a plant-based diet for reasons varying from health to morality.

Vegan Pet food demands have increased by 25 per cent since 2020, and Tesco has accounted for this year by producing some animal product-free treats.

Vegan Dog Food

Tesco’s pet treats includes;  Softie Vegan Training Treats produced by Scrumbles, Good Boy’s Chompers Bone and Denzel’s Plant-Based Bites For Dogs.

Nicole Paley, Deputy Chief Executive of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, commented that ‘Almost 60 per cent of UK households are now enjoying the incredible bond we have with our pets and the mental and physical health benefits this brings. Pets are important family members and rarely missed off the gift list, we expect it will be a very big Christmas for pets this year!’

D0 you know any four-legged friends who are Vegan?