November 1, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

The UK’s largest supermarket chain, Tesco, is encouraging shoppers to eat more plant-based foods as part of a new sustainability drive.

The retailer has cut the prices of dozens of products in its Plant Chef range, making it more affordable to opt for vegan alternatives.

In an announcement on Twitter, Tesco said it aims to “make it easier for you to swap [to meat-free] every now and then.”

According to the retailer, the changes are “good for your pocket, even better for the planet.”

The Plant Chef range

Tesco’s meat-free Plant Chef range features mealtime staples like sausages, burgers, mince, and nuggets.

Shoppers can also pick out plant-based coleslaw and potato salad, ready meals, and even garlic kievs.

The price cuts represent significant savings, with 6 Cumberland sausages previously available for £2.25 reduced to a much more affordable £1.45 under the new initiative.

The Tesco commitment to sustainability

Tesco’s drive for sustainability also includes efforts to reduce food waste and carbon emissions.

The supermarket is working with suppliers to halve food waste across its entire operations by 2030, and has made a commitment to a net zero supply chain and products by 2050.

In 2019, Tesco pledged to remove one billion pieces of plastic from its UK business by the end of 2020.

The supermarket has since met that goal and continues to drive sustainable packaging initiatives across its business.

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