October 31, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Tesco has reduced the price of their Plant Chef products to encourage a more sustainable diet

Tesco is making it even easier to make plant-based swaps by making their Plant Chef range cheaper. The change is effective immediately in all stores.

In September 2019, Plant chef was created and now Tesco has the most extensive Plant-based options in the UK. Some stores even have entirely vegan aisles.

Plant Chef has a range of products, including meat-free burgers, Cumberland style bangers, meat-free balls,  a selection of pre-made meals and more.

What does the change mean?

The change means that more people will be inclined to buy plant-based products over animal products and have a more willing approach to try it out. Many people argue that vegan alternatives are too expensive, so they don’t buy them. This price drop could see Tesco’s sales rise if this was the issue for many.

Rachel Munns, Responsible Sourcing Manager at Tesco, retweeted the news with the quote, ‘We’re making it easier for customers to shop for affordable, healthy, #sustainable food!

Someone else commented on Tesco’s tweet saying ‘This is a great move. Thanks for making a plant-based diet even more affordable’.

Will the price drop encourage people you know to go meat-free? 

Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk