July 10, 2023
From Vegan FTA

On 26th June 2023, animal protection organisations and activists expressed their support for Alison Bezzina, the Commissioner of Animal Welfare in Malta, after she was reprimanded by the Broadcasting Authority for publicly stating during a programme aired on TVM last April that you cannot say you love animals and eat them at the same time.

To illustrate her point, Bezzina used the image of someone claiming to love dogs while eating Chihuahua legs, suggesting that the same principle applies to all animals. She highlighted the inconsistency in claiming to love cows, pigs, chickens, and other farm animals, yet continuing to consume them. 

The complaint upheld by the Broadcasting Authority came from Malcolm Borg who represents the animal agriculture lobby, and who spearheaded the attack on Ms Bezzina last year when she posted on Milk Day the cruel facts about milk production.

Darryl Grima, a vegan activist from Vuci ghall-Annimali, said to the Independent of Malta, “It is a fact that if you care for animals, for the environment and your health you would not choose meat and dairy. I emphasise the word fact as even the United Nations recognises that meat and dairy as one of the main causes of climate change, that processed meat and red meat are a carcinogen like tobacco. Furthermore, animal agriculture is cruel, and the local industry is one of the worst practices whereby they do not even want to move forward on basic animal welfare as being proposed by End the Cage Age. This is why if you love animals, the planet and even your own health you should choose plant-based options.”

The following Maltese organisations and activists have expressed their support to the Commissioner: Vuci ghall-Annimali. Animal Liberation Malta, Sunshine Animal Sanctuary, Real Animal Rights Foundation, Buddy’s Lost & Found Page, Voice for the Voiceless, and Help us help.

Source: Veganfta.com