November 23, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Pistachios to be the next big milk alternative

Borna Foods have introduced plant milk made from pistachios and it’s available at Ocado and Amazon now. With one in three brits drinking plant milk instead of cows, this new alternative is set to be a popular non-dairy option.

The drinks are available in two varieties- lightly sweetened and unsweetened. There are not any artificial flavours, additives, gluten or sugar in the product. 

It contains pistachios, water, sea salt, sugar, added Calcium and Vitamin B12. Borna likes to keep its products aromatic but straightforward.

Borna also sells a variety of nut butter, packeted nuts, dried fruits and snack bags available via the online shop, Ocado and Amazon.

The company is passionate about sustainability saying ‘we understand that there is no planet B and strive for all our products, from ingredients to packaging, to be as sustainable as possible ‘

Borna has won numerous awards over the years, including world food innovation wards 2019, great taste, sial innovation 2018.

What do you think the next nut to be made into milk will be?