September 27, 2021
From Vegconomist

The next edition of the Future Food Series from the ProVeg Incubator and NX-Food will be presented this Wednesday, 29 September at 6pm. , which is fast becoming a game-changer for the industry.

An industry highlighted fermentation as a key concept for the realisation of a sustainable food system and found that in 2019, fermentation companies secured more than $274 million in venture capital funding – over 3.5 times more than cultivated meat. In 2021 fermentation continues at the forefront of innovation and investment, with key players including , , , and to name just a few.

Panel guests include Dr. Jeremy Chignell, Fermentation Specialist at GFI; Sebastian Koch, Founder and CEO at Completeorganics; Isabella Iglesias-Musachio, Founder and CEO,; and, Co-Founder & CEO at Better Nature.

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Isabella Iglesias-Musachio, Founder and CEO, Kinoko Labs: “Nowadays, advances in biotechnology allow for highly controlled microbial processes to be used for many applications, and food production is not an exception. If properly directed, a whole new range of new tastes and textures can be developed through microbial fermentation and we have just started to scratch the surface. Kinoko Labs is using microbial fermentation to develop next-generation whole-cut meat alternatives that are healthy, nutrient-dense, and minimally processed.”

Christopher Kong, Co-founder and CEO of Better Nature: “Fermentation is an incredibly potent technology that has been used by humans to improve the taste, flavour, texture, and nutritional value of foods for millennia. Today, though the applications of fermentation are far more varied, we can leverage fermentation far more precisely, using microorganisms that we have developed for ourselves, to design our foods as we like them to be in a far more efficient manner than using traditional methods of cultivation. In the near future, I envisage a world whereby almost all protein is fermented as it is perhaps the most powerful tool we have in our arsenal to sustainably and nutritiously feed 10 billion humans. No other technology has the capacity to scale up in the same way that fermentation can.

Sebastian Koch, Founder and CEO of Completeorganics “By deciding what goes into our shopping bags and onto our plates, each and every one of us can make a difference – for ourselves and for the planet. And since love goes through the stomach and the basis of our immune system lies in the gut, we have the vision to raise plant-based nutrition to a new level with naturally fermented vegetables completely free of additives and to make the world tastier, healthier, more sustainable and fairer with our ferments.The oldest and most natural method of preserving and transforming food is experiencing a renaissance that is much more than just a trend – in my opinion, fermentation will significantly shape the future of our diet.”

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