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The Most Funded Plant-Based Companies in Europe Revealed

November 23, 2021
From Vegconomist

The Most Funded Plant-Based Companies in Europe Revealed – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 23, 2021


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    A study by kitchen suppliers has revealed the 30 most funded plant-based companies in Europe, with British meal delivery service taking the top spot.

    Following its , the largest ever for a European plant-based company, allplants has now raised a total of over $1 billion (€63,047,234) in funding from 54 investors. The company has previously told vegconomist it aims to become .

    Another meal delivery service, Denmark’s Simple Feast, takes second place with €51,754,871 in funding. The company has raised funds via as well as more traditional routes, and successfully earlier this year. Swiss company Planet Foods is in third place with €47,268,210.

    Simple Feast
    © Simple Feast

    Two British alt-meat companies — and — complete the top five. The UK dominates the list, accounting for 16 of the top 30 companies — others include in sixth place, in 16th, in 21st, and in 26th. Other notable mentions are Spain’s and Sweden’s and , in seventh, 19th, and 22nd places respectively.

    The full list is as follows:

    1 AllPlants
    2 Simple Feast
    3 Planted Foods
    4 The Meatless Farm
    5 THIS
    6 Huel
    7 Heura Foods
    8 Simris
    9 Activate
    10 Strong Roots
    11 Nourished
    12 VeganNation
    13 The Cheeky Panda
    14 SagaNatura
    15 Vegetarian Express
    16 BYBI
    17 Neat Burger
    18 The Collaborative
    19 Sproud
    20 Olygose
    21 TheVeganKind
    22 Hooked Foods
    23 Plant Jammer
    24 Three Spirit
    25 Alver World SA
    26 VFC Foods
    27 Epycure
    28 Better Nature
    29 Kazidomi
    30 Ready Burger

    “Plant-based is the future of nutrition, with more people switching to a vegan diet in order to preserve the planet and decrease their carbon footprint,” said a spokesperson for Maxima Kitchen Equipment. “Our study shows how much effort there is behind this pledge, with plenty of investors – 134 among our top five alone – confident that making sure plant-based alternatives are available for everyone, everywhere is a lucrative business strategy.”

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