October 13, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

More UK supermarkets and brands are stocking seasonal themed vegan foods than ever before.

Halloween is no exception so whether you plan to dress up and hand out sweets or close the curtains, turn off the lights and watch a movie and enjoy some spooky treats there are plenty of choices available.

Sainsbury’s Pumpkin Patch Decorated Chocolate Cupcakes

Image: @chloe_leister

The pack of two cupcakes are decorated with a green icing with chocolate crumbs and pumpkin motifs and cost £1.50 per pack.

Tesco Free From Spooky Coins

Image: LizzieHavok

Tesco has a bag of Spooky Coins in their Free From section. The 60g pack contains foil-wrapped solid chocolate coins in a spooky-themed print. Fantastic for adding to treat bags or bowls.

Asda Free From Selection

Image: LizzieHavok

Like Tesco ASDA also have some Halloween themed coins, the Free From Creepy Coins come in a 60g bag for £1. They also have a mixed chocolate bag. The Free From Trick or Treat Goody Bag contains chocolate pumpkins and white chocolate skulls, perfect for making your Halloween treat bowl look gruesome. The 96g bag costs £2.08.

Morrisons Chocolate Lollipop

Image: LizzieHavok

Morrisons don’t seem to have as much as last year in the Halloween range however we did find these spooky chocolate pops for £1 each and available in ghost or skeleton shapes.

Bebeto Chewy Sweets

Bebeto at asda
Image: @Emily Higgins

Bebeto has launched three different creepy chews for the Halloween season. Gummy Brains, Fizzy Fangs, and Monster Spaghetti, all labelled vegan. Priced at 89p per bag and available at ASDA they are ideal for bundling up on the sofa for a Halloween movie.

Moo Free Chocolate

Images: @moo_free_chocolates

Moo Free, founded in 2010 by Andrea & Mike Jessop, has two special Halloween editions of their popular chocolate. This year they launched the Spooky ChumsFor Dairy Dodging Choccie Monsters‘ The cocoa and rice-based bars feature shapes of pumpkins, ghosts, witches and bats, which are wrapped in spooky packaging to look great in your trick or treat bowls. Priced at 40p for single bars available at major supermarkets across the nation or in multipacks online.

For white chocolate fans, there is also the Mini Boo Bar. A white chocolate 20g bar in ghostly packaging featuring bats and ghosts priced at 60p per bar.

The popular Halloween lollies are back this year in ghost, witch and bat shapes and are limited edition available through the Moo Free website for £3 for a pack of three.

Soreen Scream Mini Loaf

Image: LizzieHavok

As we have previously reported Soreen launched Halloween themed mini loaf’s in Chocolate and Blood Orange and Toffee Apple Flavours. The individual wrapped loaves have pumpkin toffee apple and vampire designed packaging in orange and green so look great in treat bags and lunch boxes alike.

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Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk