September 18, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Essential Living conducted a study into hygiene, safety, and food offerings and found exactly which UK supermarkets were best for vegan consumers.

Number 6 Tesco

Tesco was the lowest on their list with only 311 listed vegan items. Tesco has two dedicated plant-based ranges, Wicked Kitchen and Plant Chef and also stock various accidentally vegan products throughout their budget and own-brand ranges. Plant Chef is the more budget-friendly of the 2 brands and has a variety of fresh and frozen goods as well as cupboard items. From mini sausage rolls to cooking ingredients the range is varied in price and products.

Number 5 Waitrose

Waitrose, founded in 1904,  is next with 838 items. This week Waitrose launched their own dedicated plant-based range, Plant life. The new range will surely help them score higher in future studies. There are 24 new products ranging from ready meals to ice cream.

Number 4 ASDA

Asda plant based range
Image: ASDA Instagram

 ASDA come in fourth, stocking their own plant-based range as well as standard brands. Their own brand Plant-Based has proved popular with more items being added throughout the year. The range has a lot of variety with meat substitutes, ready meals, canned goods, and frozen foods.

Number 3 Morrisons

Morrisons shopper with branded bags
Image: Vegan Food UK Instagram

 Morrisons come out at number 3. Their dedicated vegan range V Taste features high-quality foods including, fresh meals, pizza, snacks and frozen items such as burgers and sausages. As the fourth largest supermarket with 497 UK stores they have scored highly with more than double the products than Tesco despite Tesco being the UK’s leading supermarket in 2021.

Number 2 M&S/Ocado

Plant kitchen range
Image: Vegan Food UK Instagram

 M&S/Ocado come in second with a whopping 3344 products. The company’s Plant Kitchen range is an extremely popular brand with products such as Dirty Fries and Cauliflower Popcorn. The range launched in January 2019 and has continued to expand since then.

Number 1 Sainsbury’s

Plant pioneers products
Image: Vegan Food UK Instagram

Sainsbury’s take the top spot in the study with a massive 4142 products. Sainsbury’s have 2 Plant-Based brands, Love Your Veg and Plant Pioneers. The Love Your Veg range focuses on veg style substitutes such as Lentil burgers and vegetable curries. The Plant Pioneer brand uses more realistic substitutes such as soya to create products like mince, burgers, bacon, and ready meals. They also have exclusive branded products such as the KitKat V by Nestlé

Aside from their own ranges and exclusives these supermarkets all stock the various brands popular with plant-based consumers such as Linda McCartney, Quorn, Birdseye Green Cuisine, Violife, Vitalite, and Lotus, as well as essential staple items.