October 18, 2021
From Vegan Society

Are you or do you know anyone aged under 26 who is vegan or vegan curious?

Vegan Society Youth Membership with young people

If you join as a youth member, gift a Youth Membership or refer someone to join as a youth member, you can be entered into a prize draw for a chance of winning a Freedom Mallows roasting kit along with six varieties of Kokoa Collection hot chocolate.

Why offer a Youth Membership?

Now is the time to be amplifying young voices in the vegan movement.

Stephen Sanders, Senior Supporter Services Co-Ordinator, says:

“We are excited to see the return of our popular Youth Membership offer. At The Vegan Society we want to encourage young people to be part of the generation to choose how we eat to be kind to our friends, to make good food for us and to bring hope to the future. 

Our members help us to create a more compassionate and sustainable world by supporting our campaigns, education work, advocacy and outreach.  

The Youth Membership offer is not only accessible financially but unlocks access to resources and discounts that will provide inspiration and guidance for young people on the vegan way of life. Fully vegan, almost-vegan or just vegan curious; wherever you are on your vegan journey, The Vegan Society is here to help.” 

What do our young members say?

“I enjoy being part of the Vegan Society as a Youth Member. There are lots of discounts, back copies of the magazine and simple recipes to explore. As a medical student, I find the nutrition and health pages and the research news page fascinating.’ Louis, 19.

“Small steps lay the framework for greater change and the Youth Membership option provides a tangible incentive for younger people to intensify their alignment with veganism, make their voices heard and to be part of something really special.” Jude, 23.

“I wanted to join – to support what you are doing and possibly get involved in the near future.” Jane, 21. Netherlands.

What are the benefits of joining as a Youth Member?

Like full membership, signing up for Youth Membership means you will get access to 10% off our multivitamin, VEG 1, and over 110 third party discounts such as 10% off at Brave Foods, ETHCS Clothing and Holland and Barrett and 20% off at Green Box Botanicals and Raw Halo Chocolate.

You will get a subscription to our online magazine, The Vegan. Published every quarter, our magazine features essential updates on all of our recent work as well as interviews with influential vegans, topical articles, recipes, competitions and advice.

You can sign up to our Members’ Newsletter and will receive an email at the beginning of every month containing our latest news, rewards, competitions and opportunities.

Our members can shape the future of the society by bringing a motion to and voting at the AGM on 21 May 2022. Please get involved!

Supporting you to be vegan or go vegan

Our dietitians Heather Russell and Andrea Rymer are here to answer your queries. At The Vegan Society, we have extensive nutritional resources. However, if you have something on your mind that isn’t covered in our resources, you can contact our dietitians through our Nutrition Hub in the Members’ Area. 

What else can you do?

There are lots of ways that you can get involved or get the support you need. A great place to start is our Teen Hub which has loads of advice and resources for younger vegans.

Our Vegan Rights Advisor, Jeanette Rowley is available for those who need advice around their legal rights as a vegan, in the workplace, in education or elsewhere.

We’re building a network of committed vegans across the UK to campaign on our behalf. Active volunteers help to spread our message far and wide and make a real difference to the work we do. Take a look at our volunteering pages to find a role that is right for you. 

If you’re looking for some cooking inspiration, then our recipe pages are packed with great recipes to wow your friends and family.

Maybe you have an idea for an exciting project that will help non-vegans engage with vegans? You could apply for a grant from our Engaging New Audiences’ fund.

And don’t forget to follow us on social media for campaign updates, news and competitions. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Our members are valued

Over the past year our members have helped us take our newly revamped Plate Up for the Planet campaign to COP26, promote our Future Normal campaign with a huge billboard in East London, launch our pioneering report Planting Value in the Food System, conduct pioneering research and help many thousands of people try a vegan diet with campaigns like Vegan and Thriving.

We were also able to hold virtual Grow Green conferences, make our voice heard in the media and increase the number of trusted vegan products on the market to over 55,000 through our Trademark Team.

We have convinced Scottish nurseries to feature non-dairy milk in their new milk and healthy snack scheme as part of the Play Fair with Plant Milk campaign, as well as securing other exciting victories, with the help of our International Rights Network, such as those of Paul who secured his daughter’s right to bring plant milk into school, and Fiji, who secured the right not to study the farming unit of her Animal Management course.

To end suffering. To improve our health. To help save our planet. Whatever your motive, The Vegan Society is here to ensure that your voice is heard. Join us today and change society with The Vegan Society!

Source: Vegansociety.com