December 16, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Ready Burger to launch their burger at the lowest price yet

Vegan fast-food company, Ready Burger, is set to launch their classic ready burger for just 99p. This will be effective for veganuary 2022 and available in the London Crouch End and Finchley Road stores.

Ready Burger has been seen as the ‘Vegan Mc Donalds’ after serving cheap plant-based burgers at just £1.99. This is because they are making eating Vegan inclusive for everyone, no matter the bank balance. But for veganuary, the company wanted to do more and decided to reduce the burger price further to 99p.

Other items available on the menu include; Big Ready, Chicken Challenger, Classic Cheeseburger, Texas Stacker, Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Crispy Fillets. All are available as meals with a drink and fries.

Vegan Mc Donalds
Pictured: Max Miller & Adam Clark

Max Miller, CEO and Co-founder of Ready Burger, said ‘We’ll never compromise on flavour, convenience or price. We’ve worked hard to deliver a menu of flavour filled classics that people can’t tell apart from meat-based counterparts … we wanted to offer the world’s first 99p plant burger in Veganuary 2022 to make it even more accessible for everyone to try a vegan diet.’

Adam Clark, Co-founder and COO, commented ’a plant burger emits 92% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, needs 93% less land and 70% less water than a beef burger.’ 

Will you be getting your vegan fast-food fix this veganuary?