November 25, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Funding is given to company ‘Juicy Marbles’ to market their Vegan filet mignon

‘Juicy Marble’ is the inventor of the World’s first Vegan filet mignon and has just raised $4.5 million to make it available for the public.

The company uses a protein texturing technology to keep the marbling effect of meat and not take away from the taste.

The head chef aims to maximise the protein without taking away from any of the original sources of nutrition.

Recently, funding from ‘World Fund’ – a climate tech fun launched by the climate-friendly search engine Ecosia, invested $4.5 million into the plant-based company to help start delivering the Vegan filet mignon.

Tilen Travnik, co-founder and CEO of Juicy Marbles said ‘This funding will help us to scale up our operations and begin transforming the future of food’

Maj Hrovat, co-founder and CTO at Juicy Marbles, said ‘What was important to us is that the process does not damage the nutritional profile of the product, ensuring customers get a wholesome, nutritious piece of meat with all the proteins, vitamins and minerals intact.’

Juicy Marbles will be competing against other big plant-based companies such as beyond meat, impossible and others.

How do you think this will compare to other meat alternatives?