October 28, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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Vegan leather can be made from a whole host of materials, such as cactus, pineapple, and mushroom. But for fitness-wear brand Sanabul, grapes are the better option: and it’s using the fruit to make the ‘world’s first’ vegan grape leather boxing gloves. 

With sustainability at its core, here’s how it’s ‘revolutionizing’ the industry.

Vegan brand Sanabul

Sanabul uses synthetic leather over animal leather not only for its small carbon footprint but because it says it performs and feels better. Over time, it moved into plant-based leathers such as bio-based cactus plants and grapes.

For its newly launched grape leather L’uva Boxing Gloves, materials are created using leftovers from the wine and agriculture industries. They’re also made in Italy, with stretches of vineyards to utilize. 

The gloves ‘represent the evolution of materials and sustainability within the world of combat sports’, the brand states. Customers can find them via Sanabul’s website at $275 a pair.

Grape leather

The material is also referred to as wine leather, and in many cases is 100 percent recyclable. Moreover, the seeds and stalks can be used to form the fabric too.

Pangaia is another brand that uses leftovers from the Italian wine industry to make grape leather clothing items. 

The method ‘extends the utility of grapes’ and makes the process of winemaking more circular, the company claims. 

Additionally, Mercer Amsterdam followed suit last year by using grape leather to create vegan sneakers – and says the material is ‘just as luxurious as real leather’.

Source: Plantbasednews.org