February 6, 2023
From Animal Defense League Of Texas

The Animal Defense League Top 3 Adoptions to Remember from 2022

2022 brought us many pets in crisis and in need of our help! For most of the year, we’ve been at FULL capacity! With the public’s support and continuous efforts to save lives, we rescued 6,677 pets! It wasn’t easy, but we have selected our Top Three Favorite Happy Tails from 2022. They have happy endings, and they highlight some of the lifesaving work that goes on behind the scenes.

Happy Tail #1 – Bianca

In December 2021, a timid shepherd mix named Bianca arrived at ADL via transfer from the local municipal shelter. Our dedicated medical team provided her with emotional and physical support, and it wasn’t long before the three-year-old pup’s tail started wagging. However, severe health conditions soon emerged. Bianca had heartworm disease and a large cancerous mass.

Little Bianca was diagnosed with a malignant transmissible venereal tumor typically spread during mating through the transfer of living cancer cells. Due to her unique condition, Bianca required costly, outsourced care. After twelve weeks of IV Vincristine injections, her mass began to shrink. Thanks to these lifesaving efforts, Bianca is now officially cancer and heartworm free!

Bianca flourished under the care of our medical team and found her forever family in August of 2022.

Happy Tail #2 – Pencil

On June 3, 2022, Pencil was anonymously left at the ADL Nacogdoches campus. One of our staff found him with a broken limb secured by a homemade splint made of two pencils and masking tape that went down past his knee and prevented him from moving freely. Pencil was notably frightened and anguished but allowed our dedicated and caring team to handle him for observation.

He was immediately administered pain medication, and our medical team quickly performed an x-ray of his right hind leg. Sadly, Pencil was suffering from a broken right tibia and fractures throughout his leg. During the first few days of his diagnostic plan, Pencil exhibited signs of illness and, unfortunately, tested positive for Parvovirus. He was moved to the isolation ward for lifesaving treatment.

While receiving Parvo treatment and splint changes, Pencil remained determined and joyful! After being available for adoption for only four days, Pencil found his forever home. He is loved and spoiled by the family who gave him his second chance. Despite facing numerous life-threatening challenges, Pencil has fully recovered with the help of our veterinary team. He is facing a hopeful future with his new family!

Happy Tail #3 – Rocksteady and Bebop, the Bonded Pair

In January 2022, Rocksteady and Bebop were found in a Walmart parking lot by a compassionate and good Samaritan traveling through San Antonio. It was cold and raining, so she provided them with food and a warm spot and stayed with the boys until help arrived. Our partners at San Antonio Animal Care Services came to the rescue! The very next day, these bright boys were brought to ADL and remained under our care for a few months. Both pups were evaluated and determined to be in perfect health.

Because they were brothers, we tried to adopt them together. However, after several months, it was evident they would have better chances for adoption as singles. So, to showcase them better, we took them to an on-air segment we were doing with KENS 5.

Rocksteady was adopted quickly. Unfortunately, Bebop was here for a few months longer. With the success of Rocksteady, we tried a media appearance again, this time with WOAI News 4. We made a plea to viewers to rescue this sweet boy. The plea worked! Bebop’s new mother came the next day to adopt him. Both boys are in loving families who spoil them rotten! They are living their best lives! Sometimes we even run into them at the local dog park.

In 2023 our goal is to make a more significant impact on pets in crisis and our community! We hope you can join us by staying in touch and signing up to receive our newsletter HERE

Thank you for your love and continued support in our efforts to help pets in need.

Source: Adltexas.org