October 28, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

5. Vegan Cakes and Bakes

Vegan carrot cake - vegan trends 2022

Who doesn’t love a bit of cake with their afternoon cuppa? We certainly do!

And so do a significant amount of vegans because according to Global Market Research company Mintel, there has been significant growth in the vegan cake and bakery category over the last few years with product launches up 170% since 2016.

This is despite a lack of an outright market leader in the category, leaving the field wide-open coming into 2022.

However, there are a few hot brands set to monopolise the vegan supermarket cake shelves.

These include OGGS – selling mini vegan cakes in nostalgic lemon, victoria sponge and chocolate flavours, and mini brownie and millionaires bites, and Bosh – producing traditional round and celebration cakes.

Again, with this year’s The Great British Bake Off showing how delicious vegan bakes can be, more flexitarians and vegan-curious consumers have been dabbling in the options.

And with that, we’re set to see a lot more vegan cakes coming onto the market next year. Pop the kettle on, love!

6. Jackfruit – but not as you know it!

biffs jackfruit wings

Once only seen as a plant-based substitute for pulled pork, jackfruit has become one of the most versatile meat alternatives on the market.

Brands such as Jack & Bry who create vegan sausages, burgers and even mince out of jackfruit, and Biff’s famous jackfruit wingz and burgers have completely changed the face of the Asian fruit – making it seem much more palatable to meat-eating sceptics.

More and more brands and chefs are including jackfruit in their recipes as it is relatively cheap and easy to use.

Moreover, it can replicate a vast number of animal products from seafood to pork, and even chicken.

And it’s not just confined to specialist shops, as Biff’s recently launched its jackfruit wingz and burgers in pubs and restaurants nationwide including Greene King, Frankie and Benny’s and Brewdog locations.

Meanwhile, Jack and Bry’s specially formulated jackfruit Filet-no-fish patty is on sale at all Neat Burgers across London.

What’s more, you can even find jackfruit ‘pepperoni’ at various pizza outlets such as Papa Johns, Pizza Express and Zizzi. Who knew it was possible?

Jackfruit has certainly become much more mainstream over the past couple of years, and we predict an even bigger boom in 2022!

Source: Veganfoodandliving.com