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Triple Olympic Swimmer Launches New MEET Range Including “Australia’s First” Plant-based Beef Strips

October 13, 2021
From Vegconomist

Triple Olympic Swimmer Launches New MEET Range Including “Australia’s First” Plant-based Beef Strips – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • October 13, 2021


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    Australian plant-based startup was established in 2008 by Founder, Stephen Dunn, whose son and triple Olympian swimmer Matthew Dunn is the brand’s CEO and co-founder. The company, which describes itself as Australia’s next-generation of plant-based protein, has launched a new chilled range for Coles, including what it claims to be Australia’s first Plant-based Beef style strips.

    The new refrigerated range also includes Plant-Based Italian Meetballs. The launch of the two new chilled products follows the news that home delivery service HelloFresh will be including MEET’s new Plant-Based Southern Style Tenders in its upcoming meal kits. According to the company, MEET’s products caught the attention of HelloFresh and as they are the “closest meat-free option to animal meat available in Australia today”. 


    Olympian Matt Dunn comments: “MEET isn’t just for vegans or vegetarians. All types of Aussies are incorporating plant-based products into their diets, so we’re thrilled to expand our already popular Coles range and to be included as part of the Hello Fresh meal kits.

    “Our new Plant-Based Beef Free Strips, which are part of our new Coles chilled range, are the first of their kind in the Australian market. The Strips’ taste, texture and structure is unlike anything else available on shelves across the country and will open the door to hundreds of new recipes, like curries, stews and stir fries, which have not previously been possible to create using chilled plant-based products like burgers or mince,” he added.


    Aliette Errington, Category Manager, Chilled Meat at Coles Supermarket said “We’re excited to continue our partnership with MEET, an Australian-made, owned, and operated family business, by offering two new chilled products in-store.”

    The new chilled range of MEET products joins MEET’s existing freezer range, which includes meetballs, tenders and strips. All MEET products can be found at participating Coles stores around the country.

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