September 28, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Transport yourself to sunnier climes with this totally tropical vegan pavlova recipe!

This vegan dessert recipe swaps eggs for aquafaba to make the vegan meringue, so make sure you save the water from your next can of chickpeas!

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“It’s absolutely true that Australians stole pavlova from our New Zealand neighbours and made it our own. But regardless of where it came from, it isn’t an Australian Christmas without one. If you like piña coladas, this one is for you.” – Shannon Martinez 

If you’ve not tried aquafaba before in your vegan desserts, this tropical vegan pavlova recipe is a great place to start!

Next time you’re making a dish with chickpeas, make sure to reserve the water to use in place of eggs in this vegan meringue recipe.

Aquafaba takes a little longer than egg whites to whip up in the mixer, but it’s worth the wait because it makes a great egg replacement in vegan recipes.

Like traditional meringues, the vegan pavlova cooks for a long time in the oven on a lower heat to allow the sugar to crystalise so you get that signature crunchy merinuge texture.

While you wait for your tropical vegan pavlova to bake, you can prep the zesty lime and coconut whip that helps balances the sweetness of the pavlova.