December 6, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Twins Take part in a study with one on a vegan diet and the other on meat and dairy.

The adventure athletes, The Turner Twins, took part in a study where one was on a vegan diet and the other meat and dairy for 12 weeks. The study was conducted by Kings College London, where they monitored results of cholesterol, weight and muscle mass.

Both Twins worked out together and trained throughout the 12 weeks at a similar level. Going into the study, Ross was A little bit gutted’ he didn’t get the vegan diet after watching documentaries on veganism and questioning if eating meat and dairy is the right tig to do.

Hugo said in an interview with the Physicians Committee for responsible medicine that ‘The amount of products which contain dairy is shocking’.

Hugo was on the Vegan diet and spoke to the BBC, saying, ‘I think the first couple of weeks it was really craving and wanting meat and dairy and cheese. I love cheese’.

‘I was eating a lot more wholesome food, which meant that my sugar levels were a lot satiated during the day. I felt more energetic.’

On the other hand, Twin Ross found his consistency at the gym was ‘up and down a little bit more‘ compared to Hugo on a vegan diet.

On the vegan diet, Hugo lost 3 pounds over the 12 weeks whilst Ross Gained 4 pounds. The vegan diet also proved to lower cholesterol, Hugo, yet Ross had a consistent cholesterol level on the meat diet.

Have you ever compared diets with someone who eats meat and dairy?