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UK Vegan Brand B-Boheme Launches Hand-Crafted Range of Sustainable Footwear 

November 26, 2021
From Vegconomist

UK Vegan Brand B-Boheme Launches Hand-Crafted Range of Sustainable Footwear  – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 26, 2021


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    Vegan shoe brand has launched its first new collection in two years. Developed using its pioneering sustainability techniques, the new range will be made to order, ensuring production is sustainable and that each pair is handcrafted for the owner. 

    Founded by Alicia Lai – a qualified podiatrist – the affordable luxury shoe brand claims to be one of the few vegan shoe producers who also focus on sustainability, in both their materials and in their processes. The shoes are 100% vegan, even down to the glues, and use polymers extracted from cereal crops combined with viscose obtained from tree pulp, and recycled polyester textile obtained from recycled bottles. 


    The new range includes The AIMEE Flat and The SCOUT Sneaker, with B_Boheme deciding not to release new collections during the height of the pandemic and instead focussing on further reducing its environmental footprint. Now, every pair of shoes is made to order so as to avoid industry, as well as being trans-seasonal and multi-functional.

    “The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. Part of that is the unsustainable materials used, even in other vegan shoes, but there is also a huge amount of waste due to products not being sold,” explained Founder of B_Boheme, Alicia Lai.

    “By manufacturing the shoes only when they’re ordered we can avoid that. It does mean that we’ve turned our back on fast fashion, our customers have to be more patient, but we know that most of them are as passionate about the environment as we are,” she added.  

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