January 21, 2022

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Because unsafe pandemic-related working conditions have created supply-chain issues and labor shortages at slaughterhouses, farms have been caught engaging in “depopulation” of animals (i.e., killing them) via ventilation shutdown (VSD), in which ventilation is eliminated in order to suffocate the animals, as well as “VSD Plus,” which also incorporates heat, humidity, and carbon dioxide—suffocating them and baking them alive.

photo of pig

VSD is a cruel, terrifying, and painful method of killing animals, and they can remain alive for hours. Pigs are sensitive, intelligent beings who deserve love and respect, but one U.K. study involving pigs who experienced a ventilation failure event showed that even after 16 hours, animals were still alive and suffering. Despite this, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) enables this practice by listing VSD Plus as “permitted in constrained circumstances.”

Now, an AVMA expert panel is giving VSD further consideration. Please take action below to let the AVMA know that killing animals by VSD is never acceptable and to ask that it not allow such killing methods in the future!

Source: Support.peta.org