May 8, 2023

A property on Scott Road in Leesville, Louisiana, has allegedly been strewn with the carcasses of dozens of cows in varying states of decomposition in the past and reportedly now contains some 30 live cows, half of whom are severely underweight. Multiple reports indicate that this issue has been ongoing for five or more years, with countless cows dying and being dragged off the property to make room for new arrivals. PETA caseworkers requested an immediate investigation by the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office and were told that the case had been handed over to the state’s agricultural department. Unfortunately, we learned that the agricultural department would only look into the reported improper disposal of bodies and that abuse and neglect investigations are the domain of local law enforcement. We turned again to the Sheriff’s Office, asking for the concerns to be looked into, but our requests have apparently fallen on deaf ears. Meanwhile, our sources say that conditions on the property remain unchanged.

Photos of emaciated cows and rotting carcasses and bones strewn about the property

Please contact the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office to request an investigation into these conditions, asking that seizure and charges be considered (if appropriate) and that veterinary care be mandated for any animals who are underweight or otherwise suffering.

Please e-mail and post polite comments to the following:

The Honorable Sheriff John S. “Sam” Craft
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Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office
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