May 26, 2023

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Palace Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas is planning to host a massive fur auction by the American Mink Exchange, with over 1 million mink skins and 2,000 chinchilla skins. Urge Palace Station’s CEO to reconsider hosting this event and to avoid hosting any events in the future that would support the extreme cruelty of the fur trade.

Minks are shy, solitary animals who are fearful of humans and enjoy having a vast habitat in which to forage, climb, and swim.

A PETA undercover investigative video shows that mink fur is a product of the suffering and deaths of animals who endure misery during their short lives. Investigations revealed that fur farms confine animals to cramped wire cages that are often caked with waste. The animals frequently show signs of extreme psychological distress, such as frantic circling and self-mutilation, and suffer from infections, gaping wounds, and other illnesses and injuries that commonly go untreated. Mink farmers commonly use the cheapest killing methods available—including gassing and neck-breaking—before peeling the skin off their bodies.

Palace Station’s plan to host an event that directly supports the suffering and killing of vulnerable animals needs to be stopped. Please use the form below to encourage Palace Station not to host events like the American Mink Exchange auction!