June 7, 2023

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A family of squirrels has reportedly been trapped inside the soffit of a vacant rental property located on Seventh Avenue S. in St. Cloud, Minnesota, after the hole through which they entered was boarded over. In the photo below, it’s easy to see that squirrels were using this space as their home prior to the installation of the boards.

The video below, reportedly recorded at the property recently, shows a squirrel frantically trying to chew her way in—behavior commonly seen when mother squirrels are separated from their babies. According to reports, after building management was informed that the animals were trapped, an additional layer of wire mesh was installed over the boards covering the hole, essentially ensuring that the animals would have no way to escape.

PETA attempted to share our concerns with the property owner and property management, but our repeated pleas to spare the animals a horrific death have been ignored. These trapped squirrels don’t have access to food, water, or fresh air and are languishing further with each passing moment. These squirrels need your help now!

Please contact Apex Property Management LLC and Ralphie’s Real Estate Company LLC to urge them to remove the barriers immediately. Tell them that the squirrels will vacate on their own if humane deterrents such as strobe lights and loud radios are introduced into the attic/soffit. Once they have left, the necessary repairs can be made to prevent them or other animals from entering.

Please call and send e-mails to the following:

Source: Peta.org