November 23, 2021

PETA supporter and Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) cofounder Wayne Hsiung is being tried in court for rescuing a sick baby goat from a ranch in North Carolina that raises goats for meat. He risked arrest by taking the baby, named Rain, for emergency veterinary care—and today, this little goat is safe and living with a family who takes care of him. Hsiung is scheduled to go to trial on Monday, November 29, at the Transylvania County Courthouse (7 E. Main St., Brevard, NC 28712).

Goat in field

Rescuing a sick goat should merit a medal—it shouldn’t be a crime. Please call District Attorney Andrew Murray at 828-694-4200 and very politely (as he is not the enemy here) ask him to drop the charges against Hsiung (pronounced “shung”). Please also consider attending the trial on Monday to show your support for him and anyone else who would go out of their way to rescue an animal.

Thank you!