January 27, 2023
From Vegans News


One of the largest US supermarket chains is now carrying vegan hard-boiled eggs made by the startup Crafty Counter.

In order to assist “parents who sought better food options for their family,” the female- and BIPOC-owned business was established back in 2018.

WunderEggs, “the world’s first” whole food, plant-based hard-boiled eggs, have now gained a significant listing.


Cooked Vegan Eggs

A combination of almonds, cashews, and coconut milk is used to make vegan eggs. Additionally, they don’t contain gluten, soy, or cholesterol. The product’s creator, Hema Reddy, claims that when her entire “carnivore family” converted to veganism, the idea for the product was born.

“It was then that I realized how much I missed eating eggs in various forms,” she said.


“After one and half years in development, we are proud to say that WunderEggs taste, feel and look very similar to a chicken egg. On top of that, they offer similar nutrition, minus the cholesterol.”

Source: Vegansnews.com