October 2, 2021
From Toronto Vegetarian Association

Barbi, Ana and Jeanette love watching Youtube, and with some new content recently released on the TVA’s channel, we thought it would be a good time to share with you our favourite creators making vegan content. Barbi is self described as “notorious” for watching non-vegan videos, and so is Jeanette, so we do share some shows and channels that are vegan friendly, or are not vegan but are still entertaining, and have recipes that can be made vegan with a bit of creative swapping.

Listen to Veg Out!

In order of discussion, here are the Youtube channels we recommend! 

The TVA on Youtube

The Viet Vegan

The Happy Pear

Tasting to Thrive

Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto

Pick Up Limes

Hot for Food

Edgy Veg

Anna Olsen bakes vegan cookies

Rich Martinez – fried tomato sandwich (not vegan), vegan chili Colorado 

Bake it Up a Notch (baking tips and trips, not vegan)

Abbey’s Kitchen (vegan friendly)


Reverse Engineering Series from Bon Appetit (not vegan)

Ancient Recipes with Sohla (not vegan)


Sohla on NYT Cooking Youtube (not vegan)

Claire Saffitz Dessert Person (not vegan)

Barbi and Jeanette veganize Claire Saffitz recipes

Gourmet Makes (not vegan)

Sweet Potato Soul

Rainbow Plant Life

Good Eatings 

Sage Canaday

Source: Veg.ca