November 27, 2021
From Toronto Vegetarian Association

Have some cash you’d like to invest in a company that aligns with your plant-based values? All of a sudden there are lots of publicly traded businesses that tap into the growing sector. But picking and choosing individual stocks can be risky, not to mention intimidating if you’re not an experienced investor. Meet today’s guests, financial advisors Anup Ruperalia and Justin Manning, the guys behind a petition called “Vegan Investing Platform in Canada.” With your help, and digital signatures, they want to show portfolio management companies there’s more than enough interest to justify creating a diverse, balanced portfolio of plant-based stocks. Hmmm. A professionally vetted collection of companies that are trying to eliminate and replace animal products. Sounds good to us.

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Vegan Investment Platform in Canada – Petition

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Hosts: Marni and Sweta
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