September 2, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Vegan Beetroot Bourguignon Recipe

Our vegan dinner beetroot bourguignon recipe is a delicious casserole that makes a hearty feast that everyone will be satisfied by.

This beetroot bourguignon vegan dinner recipe is packed with autumnal colours and layered with flavour. The vegan red wine makes the stock even richer.

The beetroot and carrots add more flavour, and the water released from the mushrooms add to this. The sauce has all the flavours of the vegetables, which have beautifully amalgamated to make a satisfying and mouth-watering gravy.

It’s one of those vegan dinner dishes that is warming and comforting and that the whole family can enjoy together.

You can serve the vegan beetroot bourguignon simply with crusty bread that soaks up the sauce or a comforting parsnip mash and steamed greens with a beautifully wholesome vegan dinner.

As beetroot is particularly high in iron, this vegan dinner is not only tasty but nutritious as well, and this vegan casserole with beetroot is a great way to serve it.