September 15, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Previously available online and via independent retailers, the popular breakfast item is making its way onto supermarket shelves.

300 branches of ASDA across England and Wales will be stocking The Bury Black Pudding Company Vegetarian & Vegan Black Pudding from September.

Black puddings in packaging
The Bury Black Pudding Company Vegan Version

The black pudding contains a mix of black beans, onions, pearl barley, oatmeal and no artificial preservatives. It is suitable for home freezing and is Vegetarian Society approved.

The Bury Black Pudding Company launched the Vegetarian & Vegan Black Pudding in 2017 and have seen sales increase year by year.

In their press release Matthew McDermid, Brand & Marketing said ‘We have seen the demand for our Vegetarian & Vegan Black Pudding increase significantly over the last 12-18 months and given ASDA’s keen focus on plant-based options, it made sense for us to approach them with our meat-free alternative.’

Asda announcement image
Image: buryblackpuddings Instagram

ASDA produce their own plant-based range launched in January 2020 which includes a variety of meat substitutes, ready meals, canned goods, and more.

For those that don’t have a local ASDA stocking the black pudding, you can still buy it online from The Bury Black Pudding website at Vegetarian & Vegan Black Pudding ( and online independent vegan retailers.