September 3, 2020

You can discover the main advantages in our, “Why Choose Vegan?” essay. To summarize, they involve:

1) Prevention of Animal Suffering

Most farm animals are raised on factory farms and experience appalling cruelties throughout their lives. Animal slaughter is invariably gory and disturbing to witness, and often the animals are clearly frightened and seem to know their death is imminent.

2) Health Benefits

A vegan diet can eliminate many of your diet’s most unhealthful foods, replacing them with delicious, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts.

3) Environmental Advantages

Given the staggering amounts of methane produced by livestock, a vegan diet may offer the easiest and most effective way to reduce our contribution to climate change. Vegan diets can also dramatically reduce  land devoted to crops and to pasture, since growing food for farmed animals is extraordinarily wasteful compared to growing crops directly for people.